Aston Martin Vantage detallado en TallerBox, Cartagena - Murcia - Alicante
Detailing, or as we like to call it: a full-blown beauty treatment for your car or motorbike.. This concept was born in the United States and it consists on the aesthetic improvement of the vehicle using specific products and techniques to clean, polish and protect both its exterior and interior. With TallerBox, you can now find in Cartagena a workshop specialized in the care of your vehicle.

By the hand of our perfectionist and meticulous detailer we offer all kinds of detailed treatments for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle:

  • Protection detailing for new or newly painted vehicles. After initial decontamination (if necessary), one or more layers of sealant or coating are applied in order to protect a painting in perfect condition. In addition to protecting and enhancing its brightness, a great dust and water repellency (“beading” and “sheeting”) is achieved.(“beading” y “sheeting”).
  • Exterior polishing or painting improvement. On vehicles well maintained, or already detailed above, it is recommended to perform such maintenance periodically. Its objective is to decontaminate the paint, recover brightness and reactivate the layers of protection applied in previous occasions.
  • Correction detailing. Depending on the state in which the painting is, we will distinguish between simple correction or severe correction. In both cases, it is about eliminating defects in the paint such as scratches, swirls or holograms. Subsequently apply one or several layers of protection with natural waxes, synthetic or nanotecnológicos coatings.
  • Interior detailing. Upholstery and carpet cleaning with injection-extraction machine, leather hydration, rubber renovation, disinfection of ducts with ozone machine and a long etcetera. The results will make you think that you have bought a new car.

Mobility solutions

We receive cars from all over Spain from Seville to Valencia via Madrid or Alicante. If you live outside and want to entrust your car in our hands, do not hesitate and ask us about our mobility solutions.

Ceramic Pro 9H Authorized Applicators

Ceramic Pro 9H Ceramic Coating for the most professional detailings in Cartagena, Murcia

With the aim of always offering the best service and the latest innovations we have become official applicators of Ceramic Pro 9H, the last in Spain in nanotechnology coatings for exclusive professional use. A nano protection with a hardness value of 9H (being 10H the diamond) that offers a protection up to 10 years against ultraviolet rays, chemical agents, rubbing … It is antigraffiti, 100% hydrophobic and resistant up to 750º.

Dents repairing without paint

It is an avant-garde technique that, through the use of metal rods, allows the repair of small and medium dents in which the paint has not been damaged. Buns produced by hail, slamming of other vehicles, vandalism, etc. can be repaired.

Leather upholstery

We have an excellent professional in automotive upholstery capable of upholster your seats, steering wheels and interiors with a factory finishing.

Our works

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