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In the area of mechanics, our main concern is the repair of your vehicle in the shortest time and always with top quality spare parts Whatever your problem is, our mechanics will find a solution.

Vista panorámica Tallerbox. Taller mecánico en Cartagena, Murcia

Repairs and General Maintenance

For both individuals and companies, we offer a professional maintenance service, fast and useful to cover all the usual needs of your vehicle: oil changes, filters, pre-ITV tests, brakes, shock absorbers, clutches, timing belts…

All kinds of mechanical and electrical repairs are also carried out in injection systems, air conditioning, pneumatic suspensions, ABS, airbag, EGR, DPF, ecu units,etc.

Not forgetting that we have the best tire brands at the best prices.

Taller especialista Porsche en Cartagena, Murcia.


Depending on the brand of your car, in our mechanical garage in Cartagena we have several diagnostic systems that are updated periodically with the latest upgrades of vehicles on the market.

For European vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Volkswagen, we have the BERTON universal diagnostic terminal,Berton, the only Spanish manufacturer to develop diagnostic equipment and software for electronic systems in today’s vehicles: electronic injection, ABS, airbag, immobilizer, key coding, reset service intervals reminders…

With the goal of covering the difficult and increasingly extensive Asian marketwe also have the Carmantool that allows us to accurately diagnose vehicles Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, etc.

Máquinas de diagnosis multimarca: Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, etc. Cartagena - Murcia.

Finally, exclusively for vehicles of the brand PORSCHE, we have acquired the prestigious American diagnosis Durametric. . This specific system for Porsche allows us to reset maintenance intervals, access the different control units to read and clear faults and, depending on what cases, to code them. In addition, it is possible to know the number of hours that the engine has been running, interesting fact to determine the accuracy of mileage in a used vehicle..

Official maintenance

Thanks to the European regulation UE461 / 2010, from 2010 it is possible that your vehicle under warranty period goes through maintenance in any mechanic shop without losing this guarantee, always according to the specifications recommended by the manufacturer.

In TallerBox we have access to the necessary documentation to know the requirements of the different manufacturers (thanks to the Autodata database)and we perform a comprehensive check of each point of your vehicle. We give you our own maintenance book and, if the client wishes, we also seal the official one. You will never feel in less conditions in front of the workshops of the official network.

ChiptunningCar-Tec especialista repro en Cartagena, Murcia

Our mechanical workshop is the official distributor of the prestigious electronics of Car-Tec, specialist in Porsche and BMW. We always work with customized modifications of your electronic control unit (ECU) in order to optimize fuel consumption and increase engine power and torque.

Our works

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